Fancy guppy: Handle with care

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Fancy Guppy, a very cut name, belongs to a very cute specie of fishes. They are very gregarious (they love to live in groups) and can accommodate in all environment, freshwater even brackish.
They have the appearance of being quite busy and very rarely are they found resting in peace for a long period. Quite notorious by nature, Fancy Guppies love to trim the fins of fellow fishes and play with the additions the owner adds to the aquarium like shells, algae and barbs.
The aquarium is a house to the fishes and necessary care has to be taken before replenishing it with Fancy Guppy. It is advisable to keep the quota per fish of the breed at 3 gallons. Lack of water may be detrimental to the aquarium’s population as Fancy Guppy has the tendency to turn territorial.
Some salt addition to the water keeps them conditioned and comfortable with the water content. Fancy Guppies may be fed flake food randomly with partially freeze-dried stuff. It should however be kept in mind that the fish finds freeze-dried food indigestible. Tubiflex and bloodworms are other nice tries for the parents and fries.
The parents also have the ready and bizarre option of eating their own fries if the situation demands so. Thus it is always beneficial to keep an eye on the safety of the fries, at least till they grow big enough to fight for their own existence.
Suitable hiding grounds, barbs and small dens are very handy in gaining the fries some security. An additional joined aquarium may also be handed over to them to feel at home. The fries should only be fed brine shrimps till they are no more fries.
Disease, a proximal certainty in the lives of every creature, is a big worry. And care should be taken in this regard. Since Fancy Guppy is an aquatic animal, and water diseases are quite often very infectious, the affected fishes should at once be separated and put in a fresh medicated tank.
The number of different species should be carefully sieved after checking out that none are natural disease transmitter to the other. Books and a little expert advice should be checked for to analyze whether there is outbreak of any disease.
One should always be conscious of keeping quality stock. The week ones should be eliminated without hesitation as the result would be production of stronger breeds. The quality breed needs an eye to ascertain and here also, experts should be consulted.
The males should ideally be kept with females in ratio of 2:1 to keep the atmosphere alive. The females die due to repeated mating attempts id they are one to one in the glasshouse.
This too needs care!


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