Tips For Opening a Myspace Account

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With the internet continuing to expand and new websites evolving on a daily basis, no website has become as popular as MySpace. As of March 2006, MySpace had become the eighth most popular website in the world with over 68 million accounts. MySpace is a social networking website that allows people to do a variety of things to communicate with others around the world. The MySpace layout allows you to upload personal pictures of yourself, create interactive blogs, start a user profile, and much more. MySpace does have its flaws like everything in life, but there are so many benefits a person can receive from having their own account.

A MySpace layout is centered on your profile. Within the profile are numerous things about you and all of your interests that you choose to tell. The profile allows you to post information about you and basic interests among books, movies, music, television and more.

To personalize your MySpace account even more, it is common to upload several images of yourself or of other pictures that interest you. This helps people identify you and get to know you a little better. MySpace has also turned into one of the leading interactive and entertainment oriented websites on the internet.

Through the MySpace layout you can keep track of how many friends you have and who they are. This allows you to communicate and send messages to friends to keep in touch. There is an Instant Message feature that allows you to talk to friends instantaneously if they are logged on to their account as well.

MySpace has become a great way for music artists to get their name out in the public. By starting a MySpace account and posting their music on their profile, such bands as Hawthorne Heights and My Chemical Romance promoted themselves and became what they are today. Many bands around the world are doing the same thing by posting their music and sending it to hundreds of thousands of MySpace accounts to become noticed.

As noted earlier, MySpace does have its flaws and concerns. MySpace is set up so that anyone can customize the colors and layout of their own page with no restrictions. Most MySpace users are not skilled web developers, which can cause problems such as freezing web browsers through poorly constructed profiles. Along with the inexperience of web development, there are several ads and pop-ups that a user will encounter that can freeze a page or result in the page taking a long time to load.

Another problem with MySpace that has become popular in the news is the content that can be posted on the website. There have been a number of cases concerning nude and indecent pictures being posted on peoples’ profiles. There have also been many instances of adults using the website to meet, talk to and stalk teenagers. That is why it is important that teenagers are aware of the danger they put themselves in by posting personal information.

MySpace can be a harmless interactive website if used with caution. It is fine to post your interests and talk to friends, but it’s important that people are careful with posting personal information and know who to talk to and who not to talk to.


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