The secret of success in making money both online and offline.

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I read thousands of posts and articles online and many people searching for the ways to make money online. And later the same people post that it is not possible to make money online .
I just laugh in my mind and feel sorry about them .
Why ?
Because they dont know secret of making it, secret of success. Its not anything but your mind ,yes the mind requires you to be consistent and patient and work on till you meet the goal.
Why do only few people make money online?
That is because they know the game. The real secret of consistency , persistence and patience with hardwork and the money starts flowing for them.
Its not a jackpot or lottery but it proves the rule of 80:20.
So dont give up .
So plan your work and work you plan!
And no one can stop you from reaching your goal.

Let it be any field online or offline those who follow this succeed!
Remember this always .Be like chimpanzi in brain and work like donkey till you succeed and you will be at the top soon..

So are you on it?

Let me tell you that i am sure of the 100 people reading this article only 10 will think on it and out of that only 5 will act on it and these 5 will make it to success.

Try to ask this question yourself why are you failing? Is it because you dont work hard and are not patient or because you want to be rich quick like winning a jackpot?

The probability of winning jackpot is 1in few thousnads to lacs to millions. So even if you try a million times there is no gurantee you will win it.

Why dont you  rather give that million times of worth time for a good purpose working hard and you will beat  the jackpot amount for sure!


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