Natural Remedies for Curing Cough

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Coughing is a very common condition affecting the persons of all ages. It is a bodily action by which excess mucus formed in the lungs is driven out. A dry hackling sound is produced in this process.

Coughing is a natural defense mechanism of the body. Everything from germs to foreign bodies is ejected from the windpipe and lungs through coughing. The person who is going to cough draws a deep breath in at first. He than closes his glottis and contracts the muscles. Due to this a pressure is built up in the chest. He then suddenly opens his glottis so that there is explosive discharge of air which sweeps through the air passage and carries with it the excess secretions which has irritated the trachea, larynx or bronchi.

The main cause of cough is the clogging of the bronchial tube with waste matter due to wrong feeding habits. It is also caused by the inflammation of the pharynx or the larynx. Disturbances in the digestive tract may also cause this disease. There are more incidences of cough formation in winter than summer as an average person usually eats more of catarrh forming foods such as sugar, white bread, meat, puddings and pies in the colder months of the year.

Nature Cure for Cough: The treatment should first commence by putting the patient on a fast of water and orange juice in case of severe cough. The procedure is to take the juice of orange diluted in lukewarm water every two hourly throughout the day. A warm water enema should be administered daily during this period for cleansing the bowels.

The patient should thereafter switch to an all fruit diet after the juice fast. If the cough is of mild nature, the patient can begin with an all fruit diet for about six days. He should take three meals a day of fresh fruits such as grapes, apples, pineapples, oranges, peaches and melon during this regimen. For drinks, plain hot or cold water or unsweetened lemon can be taken.

The patient can gradually embark upon a well balanced diet after the all fruit diet. More emphasis should be placed on fresh fruits, whole grain cereals and lightly cooked vegetables.

Foods such as tea, coffee, refined and processed foods, soft drinks, candies, ice-creams, products made of white flour, condiments and pickles should be totally avoided by the patient.

Several home remedies have also been found effective in the treatment of cough. One such remedy is the use of grapes. They act as an expectorant and tone up the lungs. It relieves simple cough and cold in a couple of days. A combination of grape juice and honey is specific for cough.

In case of dry cough almonds are very useful. The procedure is to soak the almonds in water for about seventy minutes and remove their outer brown skin. They should then be ground well to form a fine paste and 20gms each of butter and sugar added to it. This paste should be taken in the morning and evening.

The root of turmeric plant is effective in cases of dry cough. This root should be roasted and finely powdered. This powder should be taken in doses of about 2.5gms in the morning and evening.

The herb Belleric Myroblan is another beneficial remedy for cough. A mixture of the pulp of the fruit, honey and long pepper should be given for the treatment of this condition. The dried fruit covered with wheat flour and roasted is equally effective for cough.

Aniseed is another valuable remedy for hard dry cough with difficult expectoration. It is helpful in breaking up mucus. A tea made from this spice should be taken regularly for treating this condition.

A sauce prepared from raisins is also helpful in cough. This sauce is prepared by grinding about 90gms raisins with water. About 90gms of sugar should be mixed with it and the mixture should be heated and preserved when the bulk has turned saucy. This sauce should be taken in doses of about 20gms at bed time.

Thus we can say that natural and home remedies have been found to be very effective in the treatment of cough and other related disorders of the throat.


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