Why I Like IKEA Furniture

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Its stylish, good quality, durable, and there is vast choice. The products are very easy to assemble. Anyone can do it as so simple and if follow the instruction can be done in minutes.

 The specialty of IKEA is we found every type of furniture like from, kitchen to office need, every thing is available. Not only available but vast choice, designs, different color and measurements are also available. We bought most of the item in the car .If any body is planning to visit IKEA keep your car boot empty for more space and do not worry about baby push chairs as I found every type of trolleys there ,even with baby seat .

 Delivery system is available for big furniture’s at very cheap rate, which is quick also. IKEA has its own café, with very nice environment and meal, which makes IKEA one of the best place to go and Shoppe. A big ground floor covered parking space is available.

 Apart from furniture people can find kitchen utensils from chopping board to potato peeler. Bed sheets to floor cushions .In short IKEA is good in not only furniture but whole world is there to Shoppe

 That’s the reason I have bought most of the furniture from IKEA for home and for office. Last week we went IKEA to bought writing table and chairs for my children. For this table and chairs we searched the whole market, we checked Mother care even but the one we liked was IKEA furniture (as usual). It is the same I wanted for my children (aged between 2 and 3). The colour is nice ,stylish ,durable ,excellent size. Even my baby liked it so much .She uses the chair all the time. She eats on it, she reads on it, she watch TV. She really liked the chair and table as well and that’s what I wanted. We are happy with the Bed, office computer table, children cupboard, writing table and chairs, coffee table, bed side table, central table and etc.


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