British Telecommunications, BT

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BT is a main Internet Provider (Broad band and dial-up). I contacted Telecommunications, ICT BT two years ago, both as a Broadband service provider and Telecommunication (land line and mobile). I get both the service in a form of a package deal. So now due to this package I am saving hundreds of bugs and also hack ticks of dealing with variety of companies and their hidden costs.

The broadband that I have joined is 8Mbp, at a minimum and lowest cost offer of £9.95 for first 6 months of 12 month contract and free landline calls and also a wireless router. Is not it wow. Because previously I get Tiscali broadband at £14.99 and it was 1Mbp only and without any offer of phone calls. What a difference!! The speed is so fast and page opens in a blink of a movement and like a flash. Click and page open, no wait to load a page. I am very happy with the service. They also include free virus protection for six months.

 First time when I was setting my broadband, I got stuck at one page, then I called at help centre and they guided in an excellent way and solved the problem. The desk help line is also very help full. I do not find any reason to switch and change my Services as it is one of the perfect package I ever had.

I visited the web site and checked for all the offers, also found out that there is job section for those who are interested to joint the BT Group as an employee.

I my self have no experience about shares but I have heard the shares values are also growing up and up. People do trust BT and proud to be a part so it might be true but always search the market when it comes to an investment 🙂 lol.

 BT has really developed and established 100 times and like said Old is Gold ,so BT is and BT has proven its reliability. If any body wants extra offers then should call the service centre. They do give extra when buy a package from them it’s my own experience. Another thing is waiting for offers.


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