Digging into your wallet to purchase a priceless gem in Old Town Spring, Spring, TX

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Wow!!! Talk about an array of unique shops for all walks of life???  There is a small quaint town called Old Town Spring, in Spring, TX where there are a cluster of small component stores that carry a number and/or collection of different things, especially of a particular class.  It’s like a bunch of atelier commercial establishments.

Though it’s smack dab in the middle and surrounded by one of the largest cities in America (Houston), once you drive up to this little town, you feel like you’ve stepped into a different hemisphere.  Kind of like Walnut Grove on the sitcom “Little House On The Prairie.”  The only disparate observation is that the exteriors are full of vibrant colors.  Then you have your “carnival” type of food venues to satisfy your taste palate.  Whether your craving is for a “sugar” fix, and/or you want to impress your peers by perusing the health menus, there is something to nudge everyones purse strings.

The only handicap is the parking. The roads are really whack! If your patience is in need of an overhaul, you will get it here.  Especially during peak hours.  The best advice…  Find yourself a good parking spot.  Put on a pair of your favorite walking shoes.  Get everything you need before you leave the car and don’t count on coming back until you have finished your shopping spree!  Because of the minute surroundings, the shops are thrust together so tightly, you will spend hours perusing the multifarious merchandise and not realize where your time has gone.  And yet at the same time…having the feeling of not having accomplished and examined and/or considered with attention to great detail every retail establishment that exits in this little town.

Regardless of what you are looking for…you will more than likely find something unique and different from this activity, then in your normal…”ordinary” shopping excursion.  Either way…  It’s a nice diversion to your “everyday” shopping experience.


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