Wild Flower and Wooden Heart

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Wild Flower and Wooden Heart

Some where, some how, some one is going to do it again
Walk on by a wild flower; fall in love with her scent
Like bad weeds come on back some other day

“All I know is the more I grow, the less I know” She sighs!
And I find her standing bare; saying good-bye to yesterday’s,
way of life.

Way out in the field, way out in the road; out of love
Reading the myths of life on the stars and ignored until awaken.
“The touch of a storm”; steeling her innocence

She never thought would ever get caught up in such cloud
Where everything is not as it seems
The more seeds, much more to see; Wild flower is growing to be

A mysterious quest, head over heels and her heart goes crazy each time.
Falling for life again, a raging river can’t help her, holding a sense of wonder; hoping still for more. Wild flower, she is once more, ready to try.

“I am sorry I have been blind” calls out a wooden heart
Give another chance! As I reach for you, please let me take the time
To show you, hold you and reassure you. “Dear God I pray you can make it better down here!”

Wild flower! Calls out a wooden heart, loyal companion.
Sorry to disturb you but I feel that I should be heard loud and clear.
This love of mine, here, says it was you, right from the start.

There is a storm around us, just tonight. Here we are you and I!
Let me hold you, be lovers and be complete! Break the rain apart and not me. Wild flower and wooden heart!

Jonathan Rosillo 7/29/2005 (R)JRosillo


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