Some easy ways to save on groceries and other necessities

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That is the way we always hear and see everywhere. Go to places like or, but there are other places to go.

I am not talking about clipping coupons out of the paper, though that is a good idea.

I personally like getting them from websites best because I know I am going toget the coupons I want. Many times the brands in newspaper coupon sections are not the brands I buy and can find cheaper without the coupon.

Go to company websites and many have  coupons somewhere on the site. Sign up for newsletters and they will send you email notices of coupons their site has available to print out.

Some of these sites to check out are,,, and

Another bonus is when you sign up at and you can also sign up to get their magazines by mail. Those feature good ideas for meals and fun with the kids as well as coupons. When you do it may offer you a membership to verybestkids and they will send out things too.

Pillsbury and Bettycrocker have both sent out calendars  in December, for the following year, featuring recipes of the month.

You can go to websites such as or and get coupons and/or freebies from them.

You don’t need to limit yourself to sites with food products. Check prescription medication sites. Some have coupons. Some have trial offers and some have rebates that are very good and may even cover the entire cost of your copay.

A good site to go to for over the counter medication is They sell Robituson and advil as well as Caltrate and Centrum.

Pretty much every product has a website these days. So it is so easy to go there and check and see if they have any coupons or maybe even a sweepstakes to enter. Usually they are listed under promotions or specials.


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