Enjoy the music-review of the Japanese movie “Nodame Cantabile”

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Chiaki is one of the candidates of the famous conductors. He attended a competition which can help him to become the real famous conductor. But his personality is not good for his success. He is a very strict and serious person, and even a little dark in some people’s eyes. The perfect show of a symphony needs the perfect cooperation of the orchestra and the conductor. But if the conductor is too critical for expressing himself, he will lose the heart of the orchestra and will not get the cooperation of them. That is the situation Chiaki has to face. By himself, although he is a talented conductor, he cannot express the spirit of the music himself. He is very sad for his performance and what he has done to the orchestra. Moreover, he may lose the competition. So when he finally got the chance to attend the final turn of competition, he knows he must face his failure and play that symphony again. Then he succeeded. He was the champion of that competition. Now he has the first step to the success of his career, and can proudly meet his teachers.

Why he succeeded and what he has done in that final show? He just enjoyed the music and together with the orchestra to let the music to express itself. Music has its own spirit. You don’t need to express it with your feelings and skills. Let the music to express itself and what you need to do is to enjoy it.


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