Skydiving: The Ultimate Rush!

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Skydiving: The Ultimate Rush!

Life is too short so I hear! You can spend most your life wishing or just make it all happen. No Fear is an encouraging term, energetic and meaningful.

When it comes to Skydiving the term is ironic. Those who claim to have no fear are either stupid or liars. It is normal to be afraid specially if you voluntarily jump off a perfectly good airplane. Skydiving is an unforgiving sport. You either like it or hate it, either way you must treat it with respect. It is an extreme sport that allows for no errors. When you skydive you do not get to search for the edge. You are on the edge! riding a fine line between life and death. Your body drops at 120 miles per hour and in the minute that the jump lasts you will experience literally every second of that fall.

Skydiving humbles even the most arrogant. So why do it? Skydiving is a skill that has been utilized for several reasons over many decades. Originally, it was reserved for military purposes. It allows the, stealth, element of surprise advantage over the enemy. Skydiving is also used in fire fighting. Fire fighters also known as, Fire Jumpers, perform surgical landings into strategic locations that may facilitate success when firing fires. Technology has boosted Skydiving to a new level. Now you can test your skills through competitions; from acrobatic demonstrations, to base jumping to precision landing.

Tandem Jump

How do you getting into it? There are hundreds of schools (drop zones) in the US and around the world that offer the proper training and instruction. Also, a novice can gain a first experience from the sport: through an Accelerated Free Fall training series and in a skydiving training wind tunnel. If you choose to learn in a Wind Tunnel, you will go through the learning curve with more confidence. Wind Tunnel offers you a controlled environment and less risk of injury. Some places will charge an hourly fee for each session in wind tunnel. Dont be so concerned about the price; it is costly to go on your first jumps, actually all the way up to your 9th jump.

Acrobatic jump

The price ranges from $140 to $190 per jump, per person. However, renting the equipment is not as expensive. Once you complete about 7 levels of training you are more likely to love it and maybe qualify for your license to skydive. Yes, you can then call yourself a Skydiver and save money on your future jumps as well. The jumps will cost only $18 dollars after you have gained your certificate and license.

How about the experience? The instructors are world famous personalities who have hundreds, even thousands of jumps under their belts. They have mastered the sport and will be able to show you the necessary skills and ensure your safety and vest your knowledge. Once your registration, orientation and safety training is taken cared of. It is time to decide which type of jump you will do: Tandem (one hour class) or Accelerated


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