Review of the American TV drama “The 4400”

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This is really a great TV drama like Heroes, but it was stopped at the fifth reason. I didn’t see all the 5 seasons, because it has been said the first two seasons are very attractive and the rest three are close to rubbish. That is why the TV drama ended at the fifth reason. I really like the first two reasons especially the end of the second season and will share with you my feeling about the TV drama.

The background of this TV drama is that the returnees, the 4400, have been missing from the world for months to years. None of them have any memory of where they have been, none of them have aged and some of them are beginning to show super abilities. There are 4 chief 4400 I will mention below, Lily, Shawn, Kyle and Maia.

Lily has a happy family and a newborn daughter named Heidi. When she returned, she happily waited for her husband and daughter, but no one showed up. Then she knew her husband had married again and her daughter was told that she wasn’t her mother. With no place in the world, she met Richard, another 4400 and married him. When I saw the lonely Lily, I sympathized her very much and asked my friends if Lily’s husband was right. The conclusion is, yes, her husband is right. What he did is all for protecting their daughter and his new family. People shouldn’t drop in the sadness and forget to continue the life. We should learn what her husband did rather than blame him.

Shawn is an ordinary high school student when he was taken away. When he returned, he got the ability of healing. He became a powerful person and the leader of the 4400 centre. I don’t like him previously and think he is a weak and irresponsible person. But in the end of second season, when I saw he saved Kyle, I know he just wants to help people by his way and he is full of love. He is just a youngster with some mistakes.

Maia is a little girl with the ability of predicting the future. Everyone is afraid of her, but at last she found her good mother who really loves her. Although with the unbelievable ability, she is still a little girl desiring the love.

Kyle is the person I love most. He is controlled temporally by the future person in his body, so he had to do something he don’t want including murdering a 4400. When he is awake, he knew what he had done. He wanted to escape. But when he knew there was another person who became the scapegoat of him, he decided to surrender. He is a good boy responsible for what he did, although in fact it is not his fault.

The 4400 show us the truth of life which is unhappy, but the way you face it will decide if you will be happy.


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