Level 99 Herblore with a profit from level 25!

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There is one thing that makes a skill hard. Supply and demand! While there are literally millions of the herbs out there that are in high demand, everyone wants herblore levels causing the product to depreciate more then the ingredients, people are willing to take a loss to get higher herblore levels! Foolish nonsense I say!

The Grand Exchange ruined merchanting in Runescape as we knew it, no biggie. The new thing it allows us to do is MASS processing without anyone else noticing. You can now buy thousands of things at once from 20 different people while your not even paying attention! Now you are asking yourself, SHUT UP how do we do this. Ok. To the point, you need some cash to buy grimy herbs! You will NOT make millions off this. However you will turn a smallish profit for a good amount of herblore experience which is pretty awesome. I suggest ranarr as it will ALWAYS sell people want it, they will buy it. Simply buy 1k ranarr off the market, then clean it all and put it back on the market! You ask, this is tedious, do you know that 1k ranarr is 7.5k experience? Which would otherside cost you around 100k OR MORE! Meanwhile cleaning 1k will take about 5-10 minutes, and you earn 14-50k per thousand!You can do this with any herb as long as it’s for a profit don’t ever do it for a loss!


There is a hidden calculator on the Runescape wiki which no one would ever find, it is buried under 6-7 links and is not directly link to in ANY herblore articles! Foolish I say! You can find the calculator at This link. This calculator gets Grand Exchange prices about half an hour after they change and compares how much each is grimy and how much it is cleaned. It also shows how much money you’ll earn per experience, I suggest anything over 2 gp per experience is a good deal! However never do more then 100 at a time the first time! Check to make sure A) it is readily accessable grimy and B) it is bought regularly cleaned! If one of those isn’t so it will fail!


I do NOT encourage cheating and this is somewhat macroing, but here is a link to a SAFE auto clicker, You can set the activation button to anything you want but I found my wrist hurting after a few thousand herbs, this way you fill your inventory, click f3 or whatever key you chose and move the mouse over all the herbs, this avoids hurting yourself physically yet you still need to be present so it isn’t that bad! You can do it without but take regular breaks!

Ranarr and Kwuarm sells most readily, avoid the first 3 herbs they are wastes of time and will lose your investment!

If you cannot find any grimy herbs, and you are making a decent profit try offering 5 gp more then market price, you will ALWAYS buy any offers in 5 minutes max if you pay more then 5 GP over market price, and when you make 40GP per herb that isn’t so bad for the speed!

Always try to use an herb in high demand so you don’t get screwed.

I like to call this technique seeding. Sometimes there is really high demand and low supply I simply change worlds 6 times and place “seeds” on 6 different worlds, of course this takes a massive investment but you will get all the herb of that type put on the GE for that price. Giving you 6 worls getting your grimy herbs as opposed to waiting for one to slowly add up!

If the world you are in is producing lots of herbs, simply put up one lot for 500 (or whatever you are buying) then put up another 500, This way when you finish the first 500 you can start on teh second 500 (each time you remove 500 put an order in for another 500).

Avoid herbs that are used for useless potions like attack potions, no one will buy after awhile.

It does not provide any extra experience and is essentially a waste of tiem but adds some profit for more time input is to put teh clean herbs into vials, this earns another 50-100 gp per herb and will keep the price of grimy herbs low and clean herbs high!


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