How to Find Information About a Professor Online

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Here we have three sites which can help you decide which professor will be best for you. As you visit them, make an effort to contribute to them by writing your own reviews. This way you will be helping other students also.


One of the best ways to really get more information on how the professor is, a student before registration can check out the website called This is a site designed for students to write detailed reviews on professors they took for their classes. However, caution must be taken on the fact that students who do good in a certain professor’s class will tend to write only good things about him. So make sure you read all the reviews. If majority of them seems positive you can go ahead and take that professor’s class. Otherwise, look for another one. Also try to help other students make the right choice by contributing to the site information about your own experiences with the professors.

2. Pick-a-prof which is now Myedu

You can also get a better view of the professor through What makes this website unique is that it provides the detailed grade histories from the past classes of each professor. That is, the researcher student will be able to have an idea of what he or she can get in his class. One thing the student must remember here is that the information can be seen only after registering at the site with valid college email address. 

3. Rate my professors

The site is for all those who wish to know only briefly about the professors . On this site, although the reviews are short for each professor, interactive features like expressions through emoticons and ratings can help you understand how the class is taught. You will be also able to see the picture of the professor.

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