After the earthquake, the investigation

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In Italy, three corpses were found Saturday in the rubble of houses of L’Aquila, in Abruzzo, a region severely damaged by an earthquake on Monday. This brings to 293 the number of deaths.

Rescuers continued to search Saturday for survivors in the medieval city of L’Aquila. Research should end Sunday.

Furthermore, an investigation was opened by the prosecutor of L’Aquila, Alfredo Rossini, to determine whether there was criminal negligence in the construction of some buildings. Engineers and geologists believe that buildings constructed according to standards should not have anti crumble in an earthquake of magnitude 6.3 on the Richter scale.

Firefighters who had to search the rubble said they had seen, in some buildings, concrete pillars pulverized. This suggests that much sand was used in their design.

Friday, an impressive collective Mass was celebrated outdoors in memory of earthquake victims.

Pope Benedict XVI has promised to visit soon with many survivors living in tents.

Saturday, all the soccer matches were preceded by a minute’s silence for the victims of the earthquake. Several clubs have decided to offer their revenues to help the survivors.

The death toll of the earthquake that struck Monday the Italian city of L’Aquila (center) and the surrounding area was at least 293 dead Saturday after the discovery in the day of three new bodies under the rubble, said firefighters Saturday.

Intensive research has also held since Friday afternoon in the rubble of a four-storey building in the center of L’Aquila after the detection of signs of life “by a specialist and dogs.

“This is a very long and very difficult. These signs have indicated the possibility of a life but it can be an animal or even drops of water,” said the head Saturday morning service Press Fire, Luca Cari, on the television channel Sky TG24 continuously.

This research had still not given Saturday afternoon.

The excavations to recover any survivors must end Sunday, a week after the violent earthquake that occurred on the night of Sunday to Monday.

The bodies of two women, aged 70 and about forty years and that of a 17 years were removed Saturday from the rubble of a building in the center of L’Aquila.

The number of missing was the order of fifteen days ago. It has not been revised since.

According to the Italian Space Agency, who compared photographs taken before and after the earthquake, the ground shifted up to 15 cm the highest point of the earthquake.

The earthquake on Monday had a magnitude of 5.8 on the Richter scale or 6.2 on the scale of the moment.

The preparations for Easter Sunday have also begun with the installation of altars fortune to celebrate Sunday Mass in thirty tent camps hosting about 18,000 homeless.

About 10,000 wafers and thirty bottles of wine were made in the devastated area to celebrate Mass of Easter, according to the Ansa agency.

An outdoor office shall be held at the Military Academy of L’Aquila, one of the few buildings spared by the earthquake, which took place on Friday the funeral of the victims.

The head of government Silvio Berlusconi is again expected Sunday in L’Aquila


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