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I have been a member of Bukisa for about a week or two now. Out of all the writing sites I am a member of, bukisa has helped me get the most views, earnings and to find the most interesting articles on the web. Bukisa has the best layout and the best support out of any paid writing sites and any other site with articles on it. Bukisa is like wikipedia in that anyone can insert information, but Bukisa pays you for it. The only thing I think it need is an up-front payment system, just to keep up with associated content. Bukisa is the first site I go to so I can share my articles because, I know that I will not be ignored and that my published article will generate alot of views and comments from the many friendly users and readers. I have a account and their payment system is not nearly as clear as bukisa’s.With the bukisa index, I know how much I am getting paid. On helium it is a mystery. Bukisa makes everything easy for me and I hope to continue to be a bukisa member. I am aiming to post many articles on bukisa for all it’s readers to view and learn from. My goal on bukisa is to help pople, get my name known, and make some money on the way. So far, I am on my way to accomplishing that goal little by little. If I accomplish anything, I will always mention Bukisa in an acceptance letter and will gladly reccomend it to any young and aspiring author. Thank you,!


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