The half-brother of Obama refused in England

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Samson Obama was rejected by the officers of immigration at the airport of East Midlands Airport when he was en route to Washington to attend the investiture of his half-brother.

Tests have shown that biometric Samson, manager of a store of mobile phones in Kenya, had been involved in a serious matter in Britain two months earlier, according to excerpts from an article in the Sunday newspaper.

According to the excerpts released Saturday, Samson was arrested in Berkshire, southern England, for an alleged sexual assault against a young British girl, but he was never charged.

According to The News of the World, Samson took a connecting flight to Washington after the refusal that has been opposed.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Interior has confirmed that Samson had been denied a visa. According to him, the officers of Immigration found that one of the documents he had submitted his visa application was false, which led to further research.

“We consider all visa applications on the merits” of those who have said for its part a spokesman for the border. “We will oppose the entry into Britain of people that we think that their presence is not conducive to public good,” he said.

Samson is one of four half-brothers of Barack Obama’s paternal side. Samson’s mother, Kezia, 67, lived for six years at Bracknell, in the result of England

mean while

President Barack Obama went to church for Easter Sunday: This is the first time he goes into a church in Washington since his swearing in January.

His advisers, however remained discreet about which church would be chosen for the Mass of Easter, claiming security reasons, but saying that the choice does not mean no doubt that this is the final choice of the president of a new church.

The choice of a new parish and a new pastor for Barack Obama is likely to be closely monitored, following criticism that he has earned during his previous presidential campaign dedicated pastor of Chicago.

The Obama campaign has been disrupted last year when was made public statements of his pastor and friend, Jeremiah Wright, very virulent against the United States, and suggesting that the government had a responsibility in the ‘AIDS epidemic in the black community.

The case prompted Obama to deliver one of his most powerful speech on race, and also to leave the church of Pastor Wright, Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

“Easter is a very important day in the Christian calendar it is a Christian,” said J. Kameron Carter, who teaches theology at Duke University. “but when you’re the president, any decision he takes will be analyzed in great detail in the context of Reverend Wright.”

Obama has not been decided for a new church, and the choice is vast. It should choose between a church in the African-American -55% of the population of Washington is black or mixed parish.


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