Lindsay Lohan new look

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Following his break with Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan has changed the color of his hair and has a new tattoo.

Tuesday, Lohan and her younger sister Ali went to the Shamrock Social Club in West Hollywood. The actress is not tattooed.

The next day, she paid a visit to the hairdresser Tracey & Byron and was dyed red hair. Known for his red mane, she opted for blond for some time. So she decided to return to this color that distinguishes it from other starlets.

Later in the evening, Lohan had dinner at Nobu restaurant in West Hollywood with members of his family. Her mother Dina was one of the guests.

During the meal, the actress of 22 years seemed agitated by the time except that it behaved so friendly with people who stopped to greet, says People.

In the Ronson clan, and we block front. A few days after separation surmédiatisée Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan, we feel that the problems are not resolved. To the chagrin of Ronson.

According to a source quoted by People, Sam could not stand the prison where love lock actress. “Lindsay is very overprotective and jealous. It needs a lot of attention (…) “(Samantha) takes this separation. It behaves more harshly than it actually is. It simply wants to end the drama. ”

The problem is that the two young women have developed a very close social network, which could be problematic: “Samantha and Lindsay need to stop. However, they have many friends, it’s difficult. Their lives are inextricably linked. ”

The family of Samantha Ronson is going to wield the crime of passion theory. “The relatives of Samantha wanted to hear their appeals in case it does something completely crazy. Lindsay can be totally unpredictable. ”

Not so unpredictable than that, the website TMZ claims that she swallowed a few liters of alcohol in some bars in the past few days.


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