New York Auto Show 2009 (best new cars)

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Yes guys its here, NYAS, the event that nearly every car enthusiast looks forward to. The highlight this year is the new Bentley Super Sport, which is apparently “GREEN” well thats what they say. I mean they’re not fooling anyone, especially when theres a W12, yes thats right a W12 that is 2 V6’s combined for those of you who didnt know(just like the Veyron which is W16 which means 2 V8’s madness that is !). The Super Sport is going to the be sportiest Bentley to date and its a looker. A Bentley coupe is always gonna be a looker, all yours for $273,000!. Well it was never going to be cheap was it?. The engine is capable of running on normal unleaded and E85 biofuel or any combination of the two fuel-sources. 0 to 62 mph for the Bentley Continental Supersports comes in 3.9 seconds with a top speed of 204 mph. Offset by gloss black wheels, the arctic white duco on this bad boy is just begging to have a gaggle of smokin’ hot, Fifth Avenue gold diggers bent over the hood ornament. Fuck HSV’s, I just want one of these!

On the other hand GM had less that 10 people visit their stall’s RECESSION to the MAXX!!!!. Poor GM, they were probably expecting this. Keeping the topic of ‘Sports Cars’ alive, BMW showed off the new ‘M’ upgrade for their part SUV/ part Coupe(which they like to call SUV coupe) the X6, the upgrade includes s new body kit, the V8 gets a boost, so now it produces 575 BHP and 600 Nm Torque.

Nissan showed off its new 370Z convertible, the real sports car as they say. The Z is definately a very beautiful car and smaller than you might think it is, its gets the same V6 375 bhp as the 350Z but this one is lighter so it will probably make better use of the amazing Nissan engine. Anyways thats all i have from the first 2 days of the Auto Show guys. 370Z+convertible.jpg


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