How to Take Your MP3 player to the Beach

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How would you like to listen to your favorite tunes while on the beach with no fear of hurting your MP3 player? What about taking your music with you while you wade into the water or swim in a pool? The technology exists! Whether it is underwater MP3 players, earphone or the new technology, bone conduction headphones – you can now listen to music while underwater. Since these devices are waterproof – they will not be hurt by sand, suntan lotion or the ocean.

Things You’ll Need:
Headphones rated for underwater use
MP3 player rated for underwater use -or- waterproof pouch for your current MP3 player

To waterproof and sand proof your current MP3 player purchase a waterproof case such as the brand names, Otterbox, H2O Audio or Aquapac. Some of these cases also come with underwater earphones. There are traditional earphones (the type that fit in the ear and send vibrations through the air to the eardrum) that are waterproof with brands such as Overboard, H2O Audio, H3 headphones, SwimMan, FreeStyle Audio and others. (See Step 3 below for bone conduction headphones.)

If you prefer to keep you current MP3 player safe from sand and surf, invest in an underwater MP3 player that are sold under the brands, Freestyle Audio, Nu Dolphin and others. If you are planning to go scuba diving or snorkeling with your music while at the beach, you will need to pay close attention to the products depth ratings. Typically they come with earphones such as those mentioned in step 1. They also come with USB connector for charging and loading music, an arm band and several earphone buds. Many can be found on ebay, read the details of the offering to determine what is included.

If you want high fidelity, crystal clear music while underwater – you will need to purchase headphones that work underwater by conducting vibrations through the bone to the inner ear. Because “land” earphones rely on air to transfer the vibrations to the eardrum, it can be difficult to get consistently good sound while underwater. Thus the need to invest in bone conduction headphones. You can buy the Audiobone aqua headphones that attach to any MP3 player to match up with your MP3 player in a waterproof pouch (step 1) or the waterproof MP3 player (step 3). Or you can purchase the Finis SwiMP3 that has the MP3 player and the bone conduction “paddles” integrated. The SwiMP3 hooks on the swimmers goggles and provides crystal clear sound.

If you purchase the bone conduction headphones or MP3 player, allow yourself about 15 minutes to ‘learn’ to hear through bone conduction without the use of the eardrum. Wearing ear plugs helps to decrease the noise of bubbles, splashing and breathing, increasing the clarity of the bone conduction.

For pricing information – Click on the MP3 advertisers around the edge of this article and search their websites for water proof MP3 pouches, waterproof headphones or waterproof MP3 players.


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