How to Care for Houseplants in Winter

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Sun – With shorter winter days, the most important thing is to have sunny Southern windows. Even African violets will enjoy a southern window in the winter months with shorter days and weaker rays.

Water – Make sure you water regularly. The plants never want to be too dry or too wet. Use a Moisture Tester and water when it reads #2 of #4 or approx 25%.

A Hygrometer Will Help you Monitor Humidity Levels Humidity – Plant the houseplants in whatever plastic container you want – this will never been seen. Just make sure the container has drainage holes. Then, buy a good looking copper, brass or other impermeable container (never trust pottery). Place some 1 to 2 inch rocks or gravel in the bottom of the metal container and then place the plastic container within. When you water the plant, some water will run through pool in the bottom of the outer, metal container, as this evaporates your plant will benefit from the humidity. Often plants will drop a root down to the bottom where they can catch the run-off water. The metal will SAVE your furniture, floor etc from accidental water leakage from plant containers. Optionally, use a hygrometer to keep the area around houseplants at 30% humidity at the lowest.

Fertilize – Your plants will really POP when they get fertilized at least once a month.

Repotting – Move plants to larger pots in the spring when light and humidity are abundant. Avoid repotting in the winter. If you must, consider tenting with plastic to help avoid stress while it adjusts to its new pot.

If you prefer baskets instead of metal containers to match your household decor, just add one more layer. Plant goes in pot with drainage holds. Plant in pot go into the metal container that is impermeable to water. Plant in pot in metal container go into a larger basket!
Thrift stores are a great place to find the metal containers – just make sure they have no seams and you cannot see any light through the bottom.


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