How to Change Search Defaults for Internet Explorer 7

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Is the Internet slow on your computer but not on others? It may be the default browser settings on the Search in the upper right hand corner. This article will show you how to set this to your favorite browser, or the fastest search browser, Google.  This simple process to reset your IEv7 preferred search engine will help you to improve the performance of Internet Explorer and improve your experience by using a search engine with which you are familiar.

First, Click on arrow in the upper right hand corner just under the ‘X’.  This will look like a downward pointing triangle and will be just to the right of the magnifying glass.  Check to see which search provider which is currently set as your default and the others that are already preloaded in IEv7 by clicking on “Change Search Defaults”. If you have one listed, it will have (Default) after the name.  If you have a number loaded, you can just highlight by cliking on the one you prefer and then click on ‘Set Default’.   Then click on “OK”.

If you do not like the internet search engines you have, Repeat the step to click on the arrow to the right of the magnifying glass. This time click on “Find More Providers”

This will take you to the IE Search Engine page.  Double click on the one you prefer. Google has a reputation for being the fastest search engine.  Double Click on “Google”

Then Click on “Add Provider” and check “make this my default”

If you want, you can remove the other search engines. Highlight the other search engines and then click on ‘Delete’


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