Types of Binoculars

Binoculars are great when you want to see something in the distance or just see something a lot bigger than what you can with the eye. However when it comes to buying binoculars you don’t just want to go and get any old pair. You actually want binoculars that will suit what are intend using them for. Yes there are different types of binoculars.

There are two types of Binoculars. Those that use Porro prisms and those which use roof prisms.

The most distinguishable different between them is their shape. Porro prisms have an angular appearance which makes them appear M-shaped when looking at their barrels. To focus a Porro pair of binoculars, you need to use an external focus wheel. This wheel moves the eye piece either forward or backwards when the user turns the wheel. It is the external barrel of binoculars that enables the eyepiece to move.

Roof prisms have straight barrels which give them an H like shape when viewed from the front. Roof prism binoculars have an internal focus mechanism. You can adjust the binoculars’ focus using an external knob. While both types of binoculars tend to give the same viewing quality, roof prism are more expensive than Porro binoculars. The reason for this is roof prism binoculars have to go through a more complex and lengthy production process and this is reflected by their price.

So as you can see there is the two main types of binoculars. I find you get what you pay for. The more you pay the better they are.

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