How to Know a Date’s Personality From His Words

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Step1. When talking about what each one of your likes and dislikes ask him where he stands on politics. This question will reveal a lot about him. If your date says he is not into all this then it is a sign that he is a self-absorbed man and if he is given a chance to be in a relationship he will not care much for you. The man who has a stand on politics is someone who cares about his surrounding and people. So he has a tendency to be dutiful in a relationship.

Step2. Another thing to notice is whether he talks more about himself and when it comes to hearing about you he keeps quiet and provides very less feedback. This is also a sign that he is self-absorbed. In a long-term relationship his mask will fall off and he will not treat you with much respect.

Step3. If you two are talking about your past relationships keep notice of his behavior. If he suddenly goes into silent mode after talking about his ex-girlfriend it is a sign that he has not got over her. And this will definitely be a trouble in the future. But if he talks about his breakup confidently then yes he has left the past behind.

Step4. Another thing to remember is if he brings her up at least twice in the conversation it is a sign that he is implying that you have not met his expectations.

Step5. Ask him about his future goals like what he wants to do in life. If on this question he stumbles then it is a sign that he does not have the ability to take decisions. He can be in the relationship, but it will take many years for him to decide whether he really wants to marry you or not.

Step6. Look for disagreements. It is highly probable that on first few dates you two are not going to argue. But if you two find yourselves not agreeing on something and he softly starts defending his position more then this is a sign that he is stubborn. The more time you will spend with him, the more visible this will become.

Step7. There are times when on first date the man talks less and his eyes start wandering. This implies that he is either getting bored or losing interest in you.


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