How to Get Your Answer Chosen as Best at Yahoo Answers Board

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Step1. Go to the topic that interests you more. Otherwise, choose the one about which you know more. Go through its pages to find questions that have not been answered. Pick one and answer it. Remember the deeper the page the more likely it will become for your answer to be chosen as best. This is because members usually don’t go that deep to find questions they can answer. Also the asker has got only one answer for his question and he has to pick this to earn his extra 3 points.

Step2. Keep tracks of your old answers. Sometimes the asker does not pick the best answer. Consequently, after the deadline has passed the answers at his page go to voting mode. All you have to do is go to that old question, find the answer you wrote and vote for it.

Step3. There is a possibility that other answerers vote for themselves too. To make yours chosen, vote once more for it from your another yahoo account. This is not illegal because you are only using the other account to vote for yourself.


  • Do not answer a question twice from multiple accounts. Yahoo can ban you for doing this. Read their terms and conditions to know more about it.


  • Always keep your answer unique. This will make your job of searching for your answer easier for voting.

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