Valuable Tips to save Money on Your Wedding

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With the way things are economically today you may be especially sensitive to the amount of money you plan to spend on your wedding. With some careful planning however you can still have the wedding you always dreamed about. “Thinking out the box” can result in a fabulous wedding at much lower cost than you may think. I will try and present some basic advice that you can use to get what you want at the price you want.

* Kill the flower centerpieces. While incredibly beautiful they are also very expensive and there are a lot of much lower cost alternatives that look fabulous. Get on the web and look around. Start by going to any search engine and typing in wedding centerpieces. You will get literally thousands of ideas and tips on making a fabulous centerpiece. Floating candles are a great way to decorate a table. Depending on the type of bowl you use you can get these at your local dollar store for a very reasonable price.

* Design your own invitations. If you can operate your computer then you can design your own invitations. There are several low cost software packages that allow you to do this easily and the end product is very professional.

* Get one of your friends to become a minister. A quick search online will disclose a ton of places that will certify you as a minister for a small fee.

* Look at alternatives to buying an expensive guestbook. Head to a local hobby store and look at similar items that are much less expensive. Even consider a coffee table book.

* Consider renting many of your items instead of buying them. Visit your local rental store and look and see what can be rented for your wedding. Common items include tables, chairs, linens, and even your punch bowl.

* Give away small treats like candy instead of favors. Whether you put them in some sort of tulle bag or just have them in large jars(with scoops and paper cups) by the exit doors. They will make a much lower cost alternative to an expensive favor.

* Rent whenever possible. Look around at your local rental stores and see what things you can rent instead of buy. Also check out flea markets and garage sales for items.

* Look at getting a single tier cake or even cupcakes instead of a fancy multi-tiered cake. You know much of the wedding cake is wasted and thrown away.

* Two costs that can also be reduced are your pictures and wedding video. See if one of your friends will act as your photographer and also one to act as your videographer.

* Get a low cost venue. Do you know someone with a huge yard or property in the country. Even state parks are very reasonably priced.

Try to have your wedding in mid afternoon. This is when people are least hungry and instead of a full meal have a table full of snacks and munchies. This will more than satisfy most guests.

Using these tips you should be able to have the wedding you desire at a cost you can afford. Your wedding is a very, very special occasion and so should be looked back upon as a joyful day. Knowing that you were able to put on a great event at a reasonable cost should be very satisfying.

Juanita Allmon is a noted wedding planner and has many helpful tips at her website. She also creates awesome wedding centerpieces.


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