Choosing the Perfect Cake Topper

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While we all know your cake will be spectacular  finding the right topper can be as challenging as selecting a great cake design. Toppers became popular back in the fifties and have progressed a long way since then.  Many of the early designs were nothing but a plastic bride and plastic groom standing side by side on top of the wedding cake.

Most couples in the twenty first century want a topper that more clearly reflects their tastes and not the stoic figurines used by their parents. A topper today is expected to be a tangible representation of the couple’s values and/or things they are interested in.

Looking at what is on the market today, you will find the entire gamut of topper designs. From romantic toppers to toppers that are made to reflect the hobbies or interests of the bride and groom. From whimsical designs such as a set of tiny skis or a cookbook, you will also find actual works of art sitting atop the cake. Some go farther than just the couple’s interest, they reflect a way of life. One of the more notable in the way of life theme is the western look. What better way to show how proud you are of where you live than having a prominent display of tiny cowboy boots or even a cowboy hat. You can achieve the same effect with a display of motorcycle helmets, a tiny gun, or even a small spool of yarn.

One of the most popular toppers today is the monogram topper. The initials can be made in almost any manner. You will some made of shiny metal or some encrusted with crystals or jewels. The materials that the topper is made from heavily dictate the price of the topper. They can be anything from a few dollars to several thousand.

Be sure that when you are thinking about your topper that you include all the things that you want your guests to know about you and your fiance. If something is very important and dear to you then perhaps you should include a symbol of that in your topper. Be sure though that the topper does not overwhelm the cake as the centerpiece of the cake table. Also be sure that you remember youre getting married and you want to keep the mood of happiness and love uppermost in your guests minds. They are there to see you marry the one you love not get a biography of you and your spouses lives. 

Keep in mind that your topper is part of an overall theme in your wedding and so should match in both style and color. Achieving a beautiful overall presentation of both cake and topper should be your goal. When guests visit the cake table the presentation both cake and topper should make should extraordinary.

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