Getting the Wedding of your dreams on a Budget you can Afford

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When you were young and chatting with your little friends, I know the subject of your wedding came up. You told them about how beautiful it would be and how exquisite the church and the reception hall would be made decorated. You went on about the “cinderella” dress you would be wearing and the huge diamond necklaces and earrings along with the various other diamond/gold pieces that would adorn your body. You told them about how you get the latest heartthrob to sing at your reception and it would serve him right to see you married off to another man. As you got older your dream changed as you matured and realized that it takes money to buy the things you want for your wedding. You learned that for bi projects you had to have things like budgets so that you could insure having enough money to pay for everything. Several things influence your perception of what your wedding day should be like. Your friends and also the media. You may have wealthy friends who have had extraordinary weddings or you may have watched the latest movie star throw a multi-million dollar ceremony and lavish reception.

On the shows you will see how the wedding planner always berates the couple to stay on budget but in the end figures out some way to get them what they want. No matter how absurd it is they always manage to fit it into the ceremony. From chauffeurs in limos, to custom pieces of furniture especially made for the wedding, they always get what they want. The thing about watching tv is sometimes we forget it is entertainment and not very useful for real life situations. Unfortunately you don’t have an endless pile of cash to draw on so you have to do such mundane things as draw up a budget for your wedding. You have sit down and write out everything you want and obtain pricing for those items. When drawing up your budget you need include certainly the basics such as the decorations for the church and think in great detail what all that will encompass. Then you need to plan out your reception. You need to again think in detail about entertainment, food, flowers, the tablecloths and other linens, reception decorations and even the table and chairs(if not furnished). You need to get accurate pricing for these items. Then you need to add these up and see if the amount you are wanting to spend even comes close to all these things. I always tell couples on extravagant things always try to get something that will have lasting value after the wedding-like diamond jewelry. It costs $27,000 for a wedding with 200 guests. That is what the average cost is the United States. Your goal should always be to have a wedding that is high in quality first and high in quantity second. You can invite everyone in your town but are they really worth all the added expense. You need to visualize what you really want to achieve and prune yoour guest list down firs in order to achieve it. You can always give and take with yourself and come to an acceptable amount of people for an acceptable amount of money.

Kathy Street is wedding coordinator who consults with and advises couples on planning and other wedding ideas. You can see her entire collection of helpful advice at her website.


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