You need to carefully select the DJ for your Wedding

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With all the other tasks you have to get completed prior to your wedding, selecting the right DJ for your reception is one of the most important tasks. Most people think anyone can DJ but there are other skills that he will need to possess. I have outlined some issues to consider when selecting a DJ: * Does the DJ have backup equipment on hand while performing at your reception. Nothing is worse than dead silence at a reception. Be sure the DJ has adequate backup equipment so that if something breaks he can immediately source his backup.

*Be sure that he has a good speaking voice. Everyone knows there are tons of announcements to be made at a wedding. Be sure he has a good voice as well as a good wireless microphone and knows how to use it. Be sure you and he agree on the music to be played and how long he will be required to work your reception. Dont just hire someone and tell them be here at 6.

Be sure he fully understands what is expected of him. * If he is good he should be able to give you suggestions for an enhanced atmosphere and tone for your reception. He should have enough adequate experience about what works and what doesn’t that he can improve on your reception plans. He should want to know the type of crowd he is playing to, their ages, and getting a general sense of what sort of engagement he will be playing to.

* As with any sort of subcontractor the money needs to be spelled out and fully understood by both you and he before the reception. You know better than to pay someone before they fix a broken pipe and should know never pay fully prior to getting your DJ service. * Checking out how he is in action is worthy of your valuable time. Ask to attend a similar wedding or gathering prior to your own to see what he does and how he does it. He is a showman see how good he is. Anyone will tell you they are awesome but check it out for yourself. See what he does for the bouquet toss, the garter toss, the cake cutting. If he is good he makes these events exciting to your guests. Be sure he knows all the events you will be having at your wedding reception.

* Be sure and get his music catalogue so that you can select music to be played. Keep in mind when you do this that several generations of people will likely be there and so select things that will appeal to all the participants. A good DJ can help you greatly with music selection. Just like the other wedding vendors you have, the DJ is worth screening prior to the wedding so that you can have a magnificent reception. Also remember no one can read your mind. Make certain the DJ you select can deliver what you want.

Mae Summerville is a wedding planner and writer of several wedding guides. You can check out her other articles at My Wedding Chair Covers or get additional tips at her site Best Wedding Chair Sash Bows


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