Why Body Shape Matters When Buying Your Wedding Dress

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Getting the correct style of dress for your body is critical as you will be photographed more that day than you are ever likely to be photographed again. The selection of the best dress for you to wear depends tremendously on your body type. I will give you some tips on choosing the correct dress for your body style.

* A fit and flare type of dress is best suited for the woman who has a lot of curves and would like to accentuate them. * For brides who have a small bust there are several options as spillage is not a big factor. You can be confident going low in a scoop-neck gown which would be a big no-no for the voluptuous bride. You can further add to the appeal of this style of dress by adding texture to the top with lace.

* If you have more of a pear shaped body then you will want a dress that has a sort of A frame look to it. Something such as an empire dress will accomplish this task. Using organza will help to soften the A line shape. * If you are petite you will want to consider going with something like a “mermaid” style of dress. Most petite women have always tried to select clothing that will make them appear larger than they really are and on your wedding day you most certainly will want to stand out. * I usually recomend a dress with a short sleeve for the woman who has large arms as this will lessen their impact.

* For those with a slight to a large abdomen you will want something that will give you a more straight up and down appearance. This is best done with a pleated dress design. * A dress with an angular skirt is usually the best choice for the woman who wants to hide big hips. A dress like this will help make your shape look like part of the dress design. In addition to the dress you will need to put in ample thought about the accessories you will wear, the finish of those, and the style. Remember you will be the center of attention and you need to look flawless.

Melesha Staples is a wedding planner and consultant. On her website she talks about wording for wedding invitations and also gives tips on wedding photography


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