How To Prolong Handmade Candles

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Handmade candles can soothe the senses, symbolize celebrations, as well as, add beauty to any home decor due to their artistic craftsmanship and warm glow. Taking care of candles may seem like a chore, but the following contains a few simple tips on how to prolong handmade candles and keep them looking lovely.

STEP 1: Trim wicks about a quarter-inch, which usually works well for most candles. Overly long wicks tend to fall over, burn too hot, and produce smoke.

STEP 2: Snuff a candle instead of blowing it out. A snuffed candle creates less smoke.

STEP 3: Move candles away from drafts. Even a slight draft will change the way a candle burns, speeding up burn rate and making messy drips.

STEP 4: Keep candle flames a few inches from greenery, such as evergreen clippings, which can be highly flammable.

STEP 5: Clean your handmade candles regularly to prevent a build up of dust and fingerprints. To clean the candle, use either a soft cloth or a wadded-up nylon stocking and gently run the cloth along the candle in one direction. Go over the entire candle about four to five times.

STEP 6: Get rid of candles that create too much soot, which can harm the air you and your family breathe. Instead, choose candles that are made with pure cotton wicks and soy wax. Not only are they a healthier choice for the environment, but they also burn clean and tend to last longer than their paraffin counterparts.

STEP 7: Store taper or dinner candles flat in a cool, dark and dry place to prevent warping.


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