Five Quicks ways to treat stress at work

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5 Quick Fixes to Stress at Work

Stress can have an effect on every area of your life. If you have work stress it can effect home,I have some tips to treat stress.


“Inhaling and exhaling deeply 10-15 times

Should get the hemoglobin reaching the desired organs. Get some nasal assistance with our favorite inhaler”

One of the main reasons many of us are tense is our breathing. Most people breathe very shallowly, using only the top part of their lungs. Deep Breathing allows us to use our entire lungs, providing more oxygen to our bodies, and energizing and rejuvenating every organ and cell in our bodies. It is probably the most effective and beneficial method of relaxation we’ve seen.

2. Power Nap

“Doze off at your desk for about 10-15 mins. For the quick results , slap on an Aroma Eye Mask ”

3. Laughing

“Ever heard of laughing therapy ?

It turnout, they weren’t just pulling our leg,it actually works. Laughing releases endorphins. We promise you. You won’t regret it. ”

4 Shake dat Booty

“Take a five-minute break every hour and get your body in motion. A quick walk downstairs, or even just a step away form your cubicle could do you good.”

5. Get Drunk !

“Yes, Drinking on the job is not allowed, but neither are most of the truly fun things in life. Try to Cool-water, Coca-Cola, or a cup of coffee. Alcohol may feel like it’s soothing you. It made you feel better! ”

Good Luck !


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