Clean Your Home Green

Consumers are realizing the dangers that come with chemicals used in the home on a daily basis, and the risks that they pose to people living within the household.

Remember, it’s not always just what is inside the product that counts! What type of packaging is the cleaner created from? Consider if the product is made from plastic, is it recycled plastic? Plastic contains many dangerous toxins in the production process and has many implications on the environment. Consider buying larger quantities, or products that offer refills in more earth-friendly containers. This means that less waste goes into creating the product – and if the consumer recycles the product than it can be very earth-friendly.

Method is one of the companies who began the green revolution. Their products are created without the use of any harsh chemicals, and the packaging is created with recycled plastic. This is a contradiction – whether you have made the choice to use green cleaners to create a healthier household, or to create a sustainable environment, the waste from the packaging should be high on the list of green concerns.

Common household cleaners contain toxic chemicals that can cause anything from birth defects to poisoning. Children are exposed to cleaning solutions on a daily basis from the plates and other dishes that they use to the floors that they learn to crawl and walk upon. A child is curious and touches many products – do you want your child to come into contact with these potentially toxic substances? It’s funny, by using toxic chemicals within the home we create an environment more dangerous than the outside world – and the home is supposed to be a safe haven. Are you convinced to use green cleaners now?

When choosing a cleaner, think about the exposure that the chemicals are going to have within the home. Are there pets in the household who will come into direct contact with this cleaner through the floors, toilets and other surfaces? These products, when used to clean the dishes that our pets drink from, could cause digestive problems, allergies and other sensitivities to the product.

Green cleaners are the way of the future and are beginning to have availability with every major retailer, with this, there is no excuse to create a green home!

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