An unbalanced viewpoint – SICKO!

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I’m not an American, but I know that medical technology in the USA is among the best in the world. I also know that the healthcare system in the USA has a lot of loopholes and flaws and many times people end up sick or dead simply because of the system.
However no country in the world has a perfect healthcare system.
What I’m surprised is that America does not seem interested in plugging the loopholes and ensuring health for all!
Sicko is a movie that takes you through the flaws in the healthcare system in the US and compares it to the seemingly ‘perfect’ systems in Cuba, France, UK etc.
There is a lot of truth in what Michael Moore shows and says but I feel that it is not a balanced movie. The movie seems out to bash up the US healthcare system.
His effort is phenomenal – his concluson that free healthcare to all is available only at Guatemala bay where prisoners stay and war veterans and 9-11 volunteers struggle for health care are all very true.
It is also true that Insurance companies twist the system and this leads to very dire circumstances.
His views on the expensive cost of meds and consultations in the US for the uninsured is very true!
His depiction of the ideal life in UK and France are however not very balanced.
The movie drives home a point, but could have been more balanced in its depiction of the health care system.
Michael Moore is a controversial director and this is evident in the movie!


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