Removing Trojan’s from Your Computer

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Trojans are the computer virus that hide themselves in needed programs, and perform malicious tasks such as installing unwanted software, opening backdoors on your PC, and so on. A backdoor is a program that will let someone else access your computer without you knowing. Wouldn’t be funny if you come home from work and find your hard drive erased by someone 20,000 miles away and they also get your credit card number and empty your bank account on a new car?

There are loads of programs that can help you removal trojans, but not one covers all of them but they cover most. So it is worth having more than one. The most important thing to do is to run a full system scan using your antivirus software. I normally use Norton Antivirus or AVG as they are some of the best on the market. If you dont want to use any of these there is also McAffe. Aswell as virus scannign software there is also internet security suites which protect you fomr hackers and other online threats which are worth checking out aswell as antivirus software as they do antivirus and more. Ie, firewall, fraud protection, backup, restore and lots lots more.

Now you have done the scan and it found couple of thousands of trojans and virus’. You’ve deleted or quarantined them, but that doesn’t mean that they’re gone. Try scanning again with another piece of softwareto make sure there all gone. Now have fun using a Virus and Trojan free PC!


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