Homemade appetizer

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The homemade appetizer serves 3-4. It is easy for preparation. The time for preparing it is only half an hour if the bean is previously cooked.


300 gr white bean cooked

100 gr fresh green onion finely chopped

100 gr sour gherkins cut into halves

Salt to taste

1 table spoon lemon juice

50 gr oil

10 olives

2 cloves of garlic finely chopped or smashed

1-2 table spoons tomato sauce

Method of preparation:

Put the cooked white bean into a big bowl. Pour the lemon juice, the oil, the smashed garlic and the tomato sauce. Stir well. Salt the appetizer to taste. Decorate with the gherkin and olives halves and the green onion pieces. Enjoy this wonderful appetizer!


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