how to properly maintain your car’s battery

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Your battery is one of the main components of the ignition system and it stores electrical current that your car uses to start. Your battery is also responsible for passing along an electrical current to all the parts in the car that needs electricity to function, such as your starter, spark lights, headlights, and radio. Batteries like any other party or car are subject to wear and tear and they should be checked upon regularly. And The better you take care of your battery longer it will last. Now many of you will be wondering how do I know if my battery is okay, or know is how can one check on a battery.

Well for starters always make sure that both terminals on your battery are clean. Over time these deposits form a green color On top of your terminals. the deposits are made by battery acid. these deposits lower the conductivity rate between the terminals and the wires, Thus weakening your electrical current over time. To remove these deposits make sure you remove the cables from the positive and negative terminal by unscrewing the nut on each cable clamp and wiggling the cable until it comes off the terminal. Always Make sure you remove the negative terminal first. Dip an old toothbrush in a mixture of baking soda and water it will help loosen the deposits. Dry the terminals and cables off with a clean disposable lint free rag. To avoid the deposits coming back cover the terminals and the contact points on the cables with a very thin layer of petroleum jelly.

Another thing to check for after cleaning the terminals is if there are any cracks on case, if there is water on top of the battery, or we have prayed or broken cables. A leaky battery indicates that that is aging and it needs to be replaced; leaky batteries are hazardous to your health and the environment so dispose of them properly. When thinking look at the cables if they looked extensively damaged then they should probably be replaced, otherwise the battery might short-circuit and could damage expensive onboard computers, and other vital systems.

A clean and well maintained battery will save a driver a lot of money over the long run and a lot of time not spent in a mechanic shop. It is always important to have a well running battery especially in winter time, it sucks to have to change a battery in subzero temperatures.


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