Low Cost Hobbies that you can take up Right Now

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When I was younger my hobbies were playing street hockey, baseball and collecting sports trading cards. As I got older my hobbies changed, but the concept of keeping myself busy with things that interest me did not. Here are five hobbies that I think might interest you. They are low cost and a lot of fun. Give them a try for yourself.

Read More
In high school I hated to read the books the teacher assigned. Probably because I had no interest in the subject. Sorry Shakespeare fans, I don’t find him interesting. Be it as it may as I got older I started reading a variety of books on topics that interested me and found reading to be fun and enjoyable. With the library about two miles from my house, reading has become a very affordable hobby because the library is free (minus the cost of gas and travel time of course). I am sure there is a subject that interests you. Find a book and read a few pages every day and I guarantee you will enjoy reading with every passing day and book.

Take Digital Photographs
Sure the camera itself can cost you as cheaply as $50 or as much as $1000. I bought a Cannon camera for $129 and have never regretted it since. It goes with me on every vacation, every activity with the kids, and every day trip. I have taken so many great pictures, and the ones that weren’t so great I can delete them immediately. You’d be surprised as to how much better of a photographer you will become by taking many many photos. Just make sure you buy a large enough memory card (or stick) to hold the hundreds of photos you are going to take. The card that comes with the camera will never hold enough to make you happy, but it does act as a good back up.

Help Your Community
For nine years I volunteered my time in a local youth sports organization. I spent five of those years as the organization’s president. It was without a doubt one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. The only thing it cost me was my time, unless you count the $10 for the shirt I bought with the organization’s name on it. If you have the time and desire to help others, find an organization in your area to help. You can serve food at the local soup kitchen, to helping with the Red Cross, to anything in between. Get out there and help, your area needs you.

Become a Writer
I never thought I would be a writer, yet since I took up this hobby a little over a year ago, I have written nearly a thousand articles on a variety of topics. Of course many of the sites I submit my articles to pay me based on their popularity which gives me an even bigger incentive, but I utterly enjoy writing. You can write short stories, work and home experiences, how to articles and so much more. Being a writer opens up a door of freedom you never thought existed and with the Internet you can share your writings with the world.

Become a Chef or Baker
Ok so you are not the next Rachel Ray or Bobby Flay, but then again you may very well be. My wife absolutely loves to cook and enjoys watching the Food Network. She likes taking a variety of ingredients and turning it into something edible and enjoyable to our taste buds. This is one hobby that she took up a while ago and has been going strong with it ever since. You can start off slow by printing out recipes online that are meant for beginners and work your way up to the advanced stuff.

These are just five of the many low cost hobbies that you can start immediately. If you always wanted to get into a hobby and weren’t sure what would interest you, give one or all five of these a try. They might lead you into some bigger and better things.

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