Necessary tools for the everyday driver

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Cars have come a long way in reliability. Many cars nowadays can last up to 250,000 miles without any major mechanical problems. No longer do you need a regular tune-up every 30,000 miles, if you replace your engine oil every 5000 miles and change transmission on every 50,000 miles your car shouldnt give you too much trouble. With that said you should always have a good toolbox in your car just in case something unforeseen happens. You never know when you’re driving down the road if a tire will pop, or you run out of gas, or your battery dies. In my experience the following tools are essential to any driver.

Spare tire. Almost every car out there has appeared tired in the trunk and for good reason to always make sure your spare tires properly inflated.

Lug wrench. To get a flat tire and have a spare tire you can’t replace that without the lug wrench. I recommend having a cross shaft lug wrench since it gives you more leverage when unscrewing lugs off the flat tire.

Car jack. You’re going to need one to lift up the car to change the tire.

Jumper cables. The most common reasons of failure to start up a car is loss of power. That loss of power stems from an older faulty battery or leaving your lights on by mistake. If you happen to be in this situation you have to options, either wait for AAA or tried to flag down another driver was willing to give you a charge. If you’re able to flag down another driver was willing to help you jumpstart your car and you are in luck. When you jumpstart a car always connect the positive terminal of both batteries first then slowly connect the negative terminal on both batteries. Make sure your connecting the red terminal (positive) to the red terminal using the red wire and the black terminal (negative) to the black terminal using the black wire. Make sure the vehicle that needs to be charged is not turned on while the other one is running, wait a few minutes for the dead battery can be charged then attempt to turn on your car. Then slowly disconnect each terminal, be careful not to let the black and red wires on the Jumper cable to connect.

Flash lights and reflectors. Flashlight is always helpful when you’re trying to change a flat tire in the middle of the night.

Snow and ice equipment. Always keep tire chains and ice scraper’s.

First aid kit. Most leisure vehicles such as BMW and Mercedes come with a first aid kit standard. But since we all don’t drive German luxury, make sure you keep a small first aid kit in trunk.

Cell phone car charger. Your cell phone battery has a tendency to run out you most need it, so always keep charger handy.

The above list is important to any car driver so make sure you have all these items in your car at all times.


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