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Ever wonder how some websites rise to the top of Google, while others languish on page ten or lower? One of the keys to success is a tactic known as back linking or link popularity. Learn how to make this tool work for you.

j0401540_Thumb.jpgUnderstand Link Popularity

1) Link popularity is defined as the number of inbound links that link to your site.

2) These inbound links are considered a measure of the popularity of your site.

3) Not all inbound links are created equally. If they come from a “link farm,” they may be considered fraudulent and can actually harm your ranking, or result in your site being taken down.

4) Quality links are key. An example of a quality link might be a clothing factory linking to a textiles plant. An example of a poor quality link might be an auto maker linking to a pharmaceutical site. There’s no logical connection. The former can help your rankings; The latter can harm them.

MPj043066700001_Thumb.jpgCultivate Quality Links

1) Establish relationships with sites containing content that is complementary to yours.

2) Those sites should contain a range of pertinent keywords, not just one or two.

3) The higher the ranking of the site linking to yours, the more valuable the link. Example: An author client of mine once scored a radio interview with the BBC News. They posted a podcast of the interview on the BBC News Website and linked to a page where his book could be purchased. Solid gold!

4) Use an electronic signature in everything you do. It’s like casting your bread upon the waters. A major bank I once worked with came up on Google’s sixth page, using the keyword, “mortgage.” We incorporated a link to the bank’s mortgage page into the electronic signature used in their press releases. They quickly shot to the number one spot!

j0316812_Thumb.jpgBe Patient

This tactic is all about relationship building, and it takes time.


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