5 Tips to eBay Seller’s Effective Credibility Booster

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Whether you run a giant shop along Main Street or simple e-store on eBay, your credibility is the thing that matters most to the success of your business. Your reputation as a trustworthy and dedicated seller is the key to bringing home profit and sales.

You will surely be missing heavy quality traffic for your website if you aren’t considered a credible seller by your customers.

There are several helpful tips to establish good credibility on eBay. Feedback is the most important point to consider. A credible seller would not waste time to delay responding to customer feedbacks.

Let buyers feel that you are always ready to serve them. If you don’t answer feedback promptly, your buyers will surely start shopping next door.

If you are serious about keeping your online business, your customer service team should always be accessible to your buyers. When customers ask a question, apparently, they are interested with your product.

If you are not very prompt to answer their inquiries, they will just move to the next available company. A prompt, polite and comprehensive answer to queries proves that you care about your buyers.

Keep your eBay contact information updated and if you aren’t on the desk to entertain queries, make sure someone is.

Work hard to gain that PowerSeller status. EBay provides PowerSeller program depending on your sales figures, successful online transactions, account status and feedback. There are definitely big bonuses when you level up to a PowerSeller.

You bear the rank of a PowerSeller on all of your listings. That means you are a sales giant on eBay and a top-performing seller, and earning this status will definitely boost your sales.

It is good practice to always offer money back guarantee with whatever you sell. This removes any suspicion in the buyers with regards to your credibility. If you can guarantee your customers money-back options, they will feel safe to try your product.

The percentage of customers that care to ask for refund is hardly noticeable that it won’t hurt your finances to offer this policy at all. Being commended for honesty for issuing a purchase refund absolutely builds good reputation, but being hated to death by unsatisfied customers for not giving their money back destroys credibility and trust.

When you deliver your customer his product, you can surprise him with simple bonus offers. Everybody loves freebies! He will definitely be looking forward to shopping on your store again. You may not include the free items in your sales listing; you can just add it with his purchase.

Your generosity with your freebies will definitely lighten up customers who have been a bit disappointed with his purchase. Buyers will rarely be asking for a refund if you add freebies to what they bought. This is definitely a win-win strategy.

Use it well and you will receive positive feedback from now on. Not only will you enjoy positive comments from satisfied customers, you will also be building good credibility as one of eBay’s best sellers!


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