how to help your kids to stay healthy and in shape

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If you have recently, started upsetting over your child’s waistline you are not alone. The percent of obese youth today is greater than ever before, and parents are starting to worry. Why are our kids overweight, what can we do about it?

This recent phenomena of childhood obesity has been characterized as an epidemic. This epidemic risks our children’s health, increasing their chances of having cardiovascular system problems, and even mental health problems. Other issues that overweight children would have to deal with include type II diabetes, low self-esteem, even depression.

Although this is a big problem it has a very simple solution, energy input versus energy output. When a lower amount of energy is utilized versus a larger amount of energy consumed, the difference is stored as fat. In layman’s terms kids today eat too much and do too little.

Energy input

with both parents day working full-time jobs, neither have enough time to do anything. Due to our time restraint, we no longer have time for a healthy home with you and the easiness and unions of fast food restaurants lurking on every foreigner causes us to eat out more than we should. These processed, carb loaded, calorie laden foods are not healthy and facilitate weight gain.

The solution to our little problem is to try as hard as we can to make time to evaluate our family’s diet, and make certain that each member of the family is eating healthier. It plays junkfood with healthy snacks, eat five servings of vegetables and fruits, and avoid him out as often. Not only will you save money, but your kids will lose weight.

Energy output

kids spend way too much time on computers, satellite TV, video games and music players. Kids today have no time to go out and play outside, if they’re on their way to beat the next level of their favorite game. Kids do not participate in physical activity as they used to do.

To overcome our children’s inactivity we need to start limiting their time on computers on the TV on the video games and iPods. We should encourage them to bike ride with friends, take a hike, or even join a local sports team.

Your responsibility as a parent is to ensure that your kids develop healthy habits. People who were obese as children have a greater chance of remaining a piece into adult, which results in an increase in the likelihood of health problems later on. Inform your children about their eating habits, and activity levels. The healthier your family is the more pleasantly you will be surprised with the results.


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