How to Get a Job Quick in a Tough Job Market

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The worst days, in my experience, during a job search are the days when nothing happens. No phone calls come in, no emails in my inbox, you don’t have any events or coffee meetings scheduled. Etc.

When I was searching for a job last year, I preferred hearing a decision or any kind of communication rather than an empty quiet day. I vividly recall a day when I walked out of a networking meeting without any expectations, checked my answering machine and found three messages. Three messages in total, Two were negative decisions but all of them cleared up lingering opportunities that I was nagged by. Although the results were not what I wanted to hear, I was happy to finally have some closure on these opportunities. This closure will help me re-focus my efforts on other opportunities and get a new effort going.

It this just me? I really don’t like vagueness when it comes to job searches. I would rather have a blunt answer. if you liked me, let me know. if not, tell me so.

During my last search I had one experience where I was pushed through the process at one of the companies I was targeting. I met with the CEO twice, I was called back on the same day. The interviewer was excited and wanted to move fast, right? Not necessarily, as I found out. After being interviewed about eight times in three days, I got no calls or responses for eight weeks. You have to really manage your expectations!

How does one manage creating a job search, and keeping up the momentum?

You need to stir up activity constantly.

Which means you need to do the following:

1-Maintain regular communication with people in your network

2-Use the web and apply for job search engines.

3-Create new network relationships through your current network, ask some of your people to introduce you to other people to talk to.

4- Look for opportunities to network and try to get at least 5 new contacts.

5- use the network of your spouse.

6- have a clear list of companies you want to target.

7- keep a set of business cards, resumes with you at all times you never know when you will meet your potential employer.

8-Think outside of the box, employers love creative thinking.

If you are sitting at your desk staring at your computer waiting for something to happen, you will not get very far. So the best thing is to start moving and put together an airtight plan.


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