Best Tea Facts That You Didnt Know

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1-There are really only three basic kinds of asian tea; black, green, and Oologon. Camelia sinensis is the tea plant that all three kinds come from. The way the tea leaves are plucked and process make the difference between each kind. Although there really are only three basic types of tea, 3000 varieties spring from them. The way you brew tea can make a world of a difference in its taste

2-Herbal teas, despite their name, are not tea at all due to the fact that they don’t come from the tea plant, but rather from herb and spice plants.

3-A recent Dutch study found that men who drink black tea that contains catechins are 50% less likely to die of heart disease. Ischemic heart disease is caused by arteries being clogged.

4-Drinking one or two cups of tea a day promotes fertility by inhibiting abnormalities in our chromosomes. A recent test where 250 women drank as little as one cup of tea per day were twice as likely to be pregnant versus those that did not drink.

5-Teabags in your refrigerator can remove unpleasant odors.

6-Tannic acid a substance that naturally occurs in tea is said to help battle against warts. Applying a wet tea bag to an infected wart for 15 minutes a day should make the wart disappear within a week.

7-Green tea has health benefits that are proven by Asian countries who consume green tea have a very low risk of prostate cancer. Prominent researchers believe that this is due to the tea containing many powerful antioxidants as well as preventative anti-cancer agents.

8-A recent study by Australian CSIRO Scientists has found that the occurrence of skin cancer in laboratory mice has been greatly reduced when they consumed black tea. Polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants in tea are responsible for this phenomenon.

9-The most expensive teabag to be ever produced was created for the 75th anniversary of the PG TIPS tea company. Expensive limited edition tea leaves as well as two hundred and eighty diamonds filled the tea bag. The cost of this extravagant tea bag was estimated to be 7500 British pounds, it would be auctioned off to aid the children’s hospital in great Britain.

10-Contrary to popular belief, Turkey is a land full of tea drinkers. The world’s biggest tea drinkers are Turks with the British being a close second. The Turks consume around one hundred and twenty thousand tons of tea per year, compared to only eight thousand tons of coffee annually.


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