tricks to help you pack lightly when traveling

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One of the things that can put a crimp in your traveling style is packing too much luggage. Spending too much time at baggage claim is a tiresome process you have to go through when you have too many bags. And its definitely not entertaining to lug around all those heavy bags.

Make a pact with your self to travel light the next time you travel. You’ll free up your time when you pack light. Sometimes, you might be able to get away with taking all your stuff in carryon and avoiding baggage claim all together.

The key to packing light baggage is to limit your self to one or two bags to pack with essential things you need. When you start packing, ask yourself the following questions: “Do I just want this or do I really need it?” Or “Can I buy this for cheap while traveling or do I need to take it along?” Think over before you pack anything into your bags. Sometimes you will be able to buy what you need at your destination.

Start with your shampoo and soap. Both of those are offered complimentary by many hotels, so you can keep those out of your bags. Not to mention you can buy this stuff cheaply all over the world. Toothpaste, toothbrushes and deodorant is some of the stuff you should consider buying instead of carrying along. At least if you must take them with you buy the smaller sizes so you save up some space instead of taking the full size ones.

Another area most people tend to overpack is the clothing. Clothes are important, but you really don’t need to fill one or two bags of it. Choose a couple of pieces of clothes that coordinate well together so you don’t have to lug around soo much stuff. Three pairs of pants and four shirts should be more than enough for a week long vacation, even longer if you have admittance to laundry facilities. You could also use a spacesaver bag and save a tremendous amount of space for other things.

Don’t forget to have enough room for the souvenirs that you’re brining back. Pack a small empty bag to carry the stuff you accumulate during your vacation. You can also leave space in your bag for this sort of thing.

If you can keep your focus on getting by with the minimum amount of stuff you need to carry, you should be able to pack lightly and have an enjoyable trip.
• packing lightly saves time and effort
• save space by buying stuff at your destination
• dont forget to save room for souvenirs
Did You Know?
“Don’t forget to have enough room for the souvenirs that you’re brining back.”


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