Some Interesting Facts about McDonalds You Probably Don’t Know About

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The Ronald McDonald Houses is a home away from home for families to stay near their hospitalized children in 259 different communities. My daughter stayed in one free to be near her infant.  The home had all the amenities of home. She would have stayed in a shack if need be to spend time with him, but I toured the home and it was beautiful. She would be able to relax here and regroup as she restored her spirit and mind to be her best when she returned to visit her son. The kitchen was stocked, the bed made, and the bathroom even had toiletries in case she forgot to pack something.


How could I not have a soft spot for Ronald McDonald? My grandson is now a healthy 13 year old, and McDonalds is still a booming restaurant despite the large amount of charitable acts they participate in. I firmly believe you can’t out give God, so those who are performing good deeds will be blessed.


I have accumulated some interesting facts about McDonalds just for you. The pictured above McDonalds, according to the photographer for Corry Young Photography is the worlds largest. It is located along the Will Rogers Turnpike or Interstate 44 located just south of Vinita, Oklahoma. Within this building is also a museum and gift shop. Imagine eating and watching traffic below whizzing by at 75 MPH.


Unusual facts about McDonalds found at createblog

  • Their smallest restaurant is found on the Ginza in Tokyo and measures only 492 square feet
  • Ronald McDonald speaks more than 25 different languages.
  • The sun never sets on the golden arches.
  • Every four hours a new McDonalds opens some where.
  • The oldest building housing a McDonalds has a structure dating back to the thirteenth century and is located in Shrewsbury, England.
  • They serve over 46 million people daily, having sold well over 100 billion hamburgers.
  • Outside of the U.S. the largest McDonalds market is Japan, where there are more than 3,000 restaurants operating.
  • In Japan Ronald McDonald is known as Donald McDonald, or Uncle McDonald.
  • The only continent not having McDonalds (yet) is Antarctica.
  • The busiest McDonalds serves 40,000 people daily and is located in Moscow.
  • If you buy Big Mac in India it is called a Maharaja Mac and contains lamb, not beef.
  • Ronald McDonald has a big “understanding” his shoes are a size 14 ½ or as he states “extra long by extra wide by extra red.”.
  • Just as cultural food tastes differ so does cultural McDonald’s menus; enjoying a large variety such as salmon, beer, rice, pork burgers and even spaghetti.

If you would like to know more about the charitable programs supported by McDonalds, check out Ronald McDonald House. Over 3.6 million families a years or more than 10,000 families each day benefit from charities performed by McDonalds.


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