Free Kids workshops and Kits

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Spending time with a child is the best investment in their lives. Children are like magnets, they either attract what may not be suitable for them, or you can guide them in the right direction.


Invest one day a month with your child, a small commitment on your part but time is what your child need from you. You will find that as the child grows they can teach you a few things and soon you will make time and spend more of it with them.

To a Child, Love is Spelled T-I-M-E  plus more Motivational Movies 

 The Home Depot’s Kids Workshops offer useful projects including the creation of toolboxes, fire trucks and mail organizers, as well as more educational projects, such as a window birdhouse, bughouse or Declaration of Independence frame kit.

The workshops are freeand the self-esteem a child develops from it is priceless. This is a fun time for a one-on-one with the parent plus the guidance is there should you run into a difficulty understanding the project.

The skills they will pick up will be some of the most important lessons. Safety, accomplishment, pride, confidence. In addition to finishing a do-it-yourself-kit the child receives a kid sized home depot apron and an achievement pin.

Once the project is built, at home the project can continue. I have seen some kits on return visits where the paint and decorations on them show the amount pride a child developed into making something even better.

These Kids Workshops are normally held on the first Saturday of each month, I have included a link to find your local store. Because of the limited number of kits each store receives, sign up for these projects is required. Please call the store before you make the trip to verify the date and if sign up is required.

Have fun and learn something new.



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