How To Do Water Aerobic Exercise

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Water aerobic exercise is beneficial for adults who do not usually workout due to leg, joint, or back pain. Since your body weighs less in water, resistance training is more effective causing improvements in muscle tone and strength. You can find water aerobic exercise classes within your community or try these simple exercises explained below.

STEP 1: Start with simple stretches before entering the pool.

STEP 2: Stand with your body immersed in water to the top of your shoulders and jog on the spot. Pump the arms backwards and forwards for two to five minutes.

STEP 3: Stand up straight, kick one leg out in front of you and lower it 15-20 times. Do the same with the other leg.

STEP 4: Press your back up against the wall at the deep end of the pool and reach out both hands to hold the wall for support. Kick your legs up and down about 15-20 times, and then open both legs wide and bring them back together where the right leg crosses over the left leg like a scissor. Do this about 15-20 times and repeat on the opposite leg. 

STEP 5: Work your arms by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, extend your arms at shoulder height in front of you with palms facing downward. Slowly sweep your arms backwards and forwards, vertically. Repeat 15-20 times.

STEP 6: Do any necessary stretching when leaving the pool.

STEP 7: Perform this water aerobic exercise routine three to four times per week.

STEP 8: Consult your doctor before starting any new exercise routine.


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