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lens2748992123497857643.jpgDo you have a Passion?
If you do, why not make a living doing what you enjoy?
If you don’t know what your passion is, a simple test will reveal it, and you can start sharing it with others and get paid.

When you came to this page an income or some freedom motivated you to take the first step. Congratulations!

Now the work begins. 1st rule to accomplish your plan, achieve time management.
Goal setting is the first part of time management. The first goal should be a time commitment of what you are willing to contribute to your success. You can start with as little as 5 minutes per day, when you look at it in a broader scale that is; (based on 5 days a week), 25 minutes a week, 108 minutes per month (1hr 48 min), 21 hours per year.
What can you accomplish in 21 hours by using only 5 minutes a day.

Aren’t you and your future worth 5 minutes a day? Most of you will devote more time than that so do the math! That breaks goal setting down to an understandable task. Nothing is so large that it can’t be broken down into little segments.

Mostly everything you need can be found on the Internet. This page is a way to help you find your needs and speed up the process; taking short cuts will only slow you down. When driving from point A to point B without a map it’s easy to get lost. The list below will provide the map you need to fill the quick-start to earning money from your passion.

The happiest people in the world are those who get paid perusing their passion. i.e..(Skaters, ball players, ministers, teachers). It’s so much easier to get up in the morning when you like what you do. Everyone is really good at something, maybe it’s time for you to take a personal inventory of your strong points and put them to work.

Debunk the myths 

Unlearn what doesnt work

A lot has been written about successes and some of it works to get people on the right path. Reality is it’s a very misunderstood word and the people using it to fit there own out come twist the meaning. Webster Dictionary description “a: degree or measure of succeeding. B: favorable or desire outcome; also: the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence. C: to attain a desired objective or end.” It easy to understand why people don’t achieve following Webster’s definition. First of all there is no end to success. I was fortunate to read a book “Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill”, 40 years ago and a statement in that book made a strong impression in the way I view success.
“Success is not a destination but a journey” The truly successful people never stop the journey they start; stopping the journey is the quickest way to failure. You have seen many examples in history of people who failed time and time again, only to pick themselves up and try again. Edison was a good example.

In my writing I use the example of a map often, the reason is that life is a map, and people who don’t use it wonder aimlessly or go nowhere. When I mention the brief description of goal setting in the opening section of this article, it is part of the mapping process. As you would decide how many miles you would travel between rest periods, the time you commit to your travel are your miles on the success journey. Time=Miles.
Just like any journey, the unforeseen always lies ahead of us on a trip. They are roadblocks or detours. When it comes to succeeding it could be the negative enviroment affecting your decision, your family not believing in you and hundreds of other reasons to stop what you want to do. This is where the best mechanic on your road trip helps you out.
When your car breaks down its nice to have someone to put it back together and get you on the road.
Your success mechanic was mentioned in the opening of this article, your mechanic is your passion; it will repair you and keep your tank full on your Journey. One caution, do not get addicted to the rest areas they are great to rejuvenate not to spend your life at.

Packing for the trip 

Take only what you need

What will you need to have a successful journey? The journey to success begins with having the right tools, some of which you already may have and if you don’t a step-by-step list will be build as your journey progresses.
The nice thing about a success journey is most of the tools are already packed in your mind, the ones that aren’t you will pick up as they are needed. Had to say that for the procrastinators who will never start until things are perfect. If you wake up it’s a perfect time, if your waiting for some other reason your excuses will keep you where you are.

Passion test 

Here you will either stop or proceed.

1.Do you like where you are? If the answer is yes stop reading .
2.Do you want more out of life? If the answer is it’s time to start the journey.

I will point out the basic tools you need to collect to start your journey.
To recieve an E-Mail when the next segment is ready, drop me a Note With
the heading “Mail Box”. To
Next topic tools you will need.

Sell the sizzle, not the steak 

everyone has steak. What makes you different?

We’ve all heard the term “sell the sizzle, not the steak”. Well, if you’re selling anything, you had better pay attention to the “sizzle”. In today’s market, your potential prospects have one thing in mind. “What’s in it for them”, and if you’re into sales, you must realize this. While the “nuts and bolts” of your product or offer are important, that is not normally what gets someone’s initial interest and makes the sale.


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