Easter Bunny tracker

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                   Help! How can I track down the Easter bunny?  Will NORAD Have the Easter bunny tracker in time for all the kids to enjoy? Rumors have been flying around for some time now about NORAD having an Easter Bunny tracker like they did with Santa, but apparently from searching online I haven’t come across that yet. However I do know a way that your children can keep track of the Easter bunny. There is an Easter bunny track application by Apple iphone that came out back in February of 2009.

                You can go to the Apple iTunes store and purchase the Easter Bunny Tracker application for .99 cents. This will allow your kids to see where the Easter bunny is, what the Easter bunny is doing, and watch the Easter bunny hand out some great Easter treats to all the young boys and girls who were good.

                   If you go to http://appshopper.com/entertainment/easter-bunny-tracker this website will give you complete instruction on how to download the Easter tracker onto your phone. Also once you download your child will begin to have fun. Your child will know exactly where the bunny is hopping, and they can also via text the bunny their own precious Easter message. Not sure if the Easter bunny will reply, but heck it’s defiantly worth a shot. When you download this application please make sure to shut your iphone off first then put it back on. Reason for doing this is, because the application is rather big and if you want the full download it needs to be able to receive the whole application.


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